Drought Tips

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Beckmann (16)Irrigation

An efficient well-tuned irrigation system will use less water if properly maintained. We here at Mogensen Landscaping understand the importance of water efficiency in managing your lawn. We can evaluate your current set-up and quote replacing sprinkler heads with low water options like drip or micro-spray systems.  Feel free to contact us and we’ll discuss available options best suited for your needs.


Mulching keeps the ground moist, but as the mulch decomposes, it provides your plants with invaluable nutrients, improving soil quality and giving the ground a uniform look.

Native Plants

This a great option to consider. Replacing your lawn and traditional bedding plants with more drought tolerant native options has a wealth of long lasting benefits for your yard. With the right mix, you’ll have an easy to care for garden with year-round color and long term water savings once the plants have established. Mogensen Landscaping is well versed in plants native to California and we would love to discuss the best available options for your yard.

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